What is Stayntech® Solution?

BrickImaging’s Stayntech® solution serves as a platform for transforming the color of existing brick, block, stone and mortar while maintaining the substrate’s natural aesthetic appeal and integrity. Now, updating the color of brick without destroying its natural characteristics or resorting to costly brick replacement is possible.

Replacement and painting are no longer the only options for changing the color of masonry. While painting masonry certainly changes its color, many compromises are made in terms of structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and durability. Paint creates an impenetrable membrane that prohibits moisture from escaping the porous surface of masonry. This can lead to paint blistering and peeling. Maintaining a breathable substrate is vital in order to allow any trapped moisture within the substrate to escape without damaging the structure.

The Stayntech® application is a great alternative to painting brick, block, stone, and mortar and we offer a wide variety of looks and textures. Unlimited color options, varying opacities, and numerous application techniques allow for a complete color change that appears as though the masonry was installed in the new color during a building’s original construction. Our MortarMask™ application even allows for specific contrasting brick and mortar colors.

A color change that is durable and distinctive

Over the past 40 years, technicians at BrickImaging have been achieving an optimal balance for changing the color of masonry without compromising its function. Light bricks can be stained dark and dark bricks can be stained lighter. By custom formulating the material for each project, a balance between the desired aesthetic change and durability can be obtained.

Options within the Stayntech® application include uniform semi-transparent sprays, multi-colored applications, contrasting mortar color staining, and aggregate replication. As a part of BrickImaging’s commitment to durability, every surface that is colored also receives a top-coat matte finish sealer to help ensure a long-lasting beautiful finish. Stayntech®-treated surfaces carry a standard 15-year limited warranty protecting against any chipping, peeling or fading of the material.

BrickImaging’s Stayntech® materials are eco-friendly. As a part of our commitment to conserving the environment, the majority of prepping materials also are recyclable.

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