Residential Brick Staining

Brick house staining DenverBrickimaging’s proprietary staining application has been used to update the color of brick on residential homes for over 45 years.While many of our nationwide projects consist of commercial buildings, Brickimaging is proud to offer the same proven staining solution for residences located along the Colorado Front Range. From fireplaces to full-color transformations on residential locations, BrickImaging provides coloring solutions for outdated brick, block, mortar and stone within the residential market.

Brickimaging provides a more natural-looking and longer-lasting alternative to painted masonry while remaining competitively priced. Obtain a natural masonry appearance utilizing a variety of application options that won’t require any maintenance and be rest assured that our standard 15-year limited warranty will guarantee long-lasting results.

In order to get started on your residential brick staining project, we recommend browsing our website gallery, facebook and/or Instagram pages to gain insight into the capabilities of Brickimaging’s Stayntech® staining application. Then Submit Your Project and a Brickimaging representative will contact you to discuss potential staining solutions and provide you with pricing information that is specific to your project. When you are ready, we will be happy to schedule a free, no-obligation sample to show you what the application is capable of achieving on your particular masonry.

  • 40+ years of experience
  • Fully insured
  • Free staining samples
  • Standard 15-year warranty
  • Competitively priced with painting
  • Credit card and check payments accepted

If you have any questions about the brick staining process, feel free to contact us now!


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