Brick Painting or Brick Staining: Which one is better?

Brick Painting and Brick Staining may seem like the same thing but they
aren’t. Whether you choose to paint your brick or stain it, there are
several things you need to take into consideration first.

Painting brick is one of the most popular DIY trends right now. It’s easy
to do and can change the entire look and feel of whichever room the brick
is located. It also requires maintenance to keep up with the look and feel
of the room. Expect to repaint it every 3-5 years due to the paint peeling
from the surface of the brick. If you aren’t painting a very large area on
the interior of your house, brick painting is cheap and easy to do.

If you’d like to change the look and feel of the exterior of your house
while also protecting it, brick staining is a much better choice. When you
stain brick using our Stayntech® technology, it’s absorbed by the brick and
forms a powerful chemical barrier that also protects it from the elements.

Painting your brick also traps in moisture while brick staining allows the
brick to breathe. Bricks have a naturally porous surface that needs to
breathe to maintain itself. When you paint brick, it saturates the pores
preventing the flow of air. It also stops it from effectively releasing
water and moisture. As more moisture builds up, it will come through the
surface of the brick resulting in the paint peeling from the surface.

Stayntech® allows brick to maintain it’s original physical properties so
that it successfully releases moisture and prevents build up. With
Stayntech, you won’t have to paint your brick every 3-5 years as your
bricks will be able to breathe and release moisture without any blistering,
chipping or peeling.

Painting brick leaves an artificial film over it while Stayntech® forms a
penetrating bond. This is the biggest reason that staining your brick can
change the entire look and feel of not only your own home but an entire

If you’re interested in getting your brick stained, please feel free to give us a call! We have worked with thousands of commercial and residential brick staining clients around the United States. Our exclusive Stayntech® technology will not only make your bricks look brand new, but it will also protect it and prevent breakdowns by allowing it to breathe.


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