Brick Staining Services

Choose From Our Four Stayntech® Packages

BrickImaging’s Stayntech packages


BrickImaging offers four staining packages from which to choose: 

  1. This package includes the same color for the brick and mortar–we refer to this application as a ‘uniform spray’. This option provides a cost-effective way to change the color of your masonry without painting it. Solid as well as semi-transparent stains are both available with this option and provide a natural-looking and long-lasting alternative to painting your masonry.
  2. This package includes one color for the brick and a contrasting color for the mortar.
  3. This package includes one main color for the brick, an additional accent color for the brick and a contrasting color for the mortar
  4. The custom application package is perfect if you are looking for a more specific application including: custom colors, aggregate application (tiny specks of color commonly found in masonry) or additional accent colors.

All Stayntech® staining packages include the following:

  • Soft power-washing to gently clean masonry prior to staining
  • Masking off doors, windows, soffits and adjacent areas to protect from stain
  • All masonry staining materials, labor and application
  • Top-coat matte-finish protective sealer that hardens the stain and protects against water intrusion as well as fading caused by the sun. 
  • Our standard 15-year limited warranty for chipping, peeling and cracking of stain 

Additional services include: 

  • Additional accent colors that further enhance the appearance of masonry
  • Application of our top-coat sealer, without staining, that protects masonry from environmental damage
  • Aggregate application that replicates the color flecks commonly found in masonry. 


Choose from our 42 proven staining colors that can be used on brick, block, stone and mortar.
Custom colors are available upon request for an additional fee.