How Long Does Brick Stain Last?

Brick staining is an increasingly popular solution for homeowners wanting to update the look of their homes without sacrificing durability. Masonry stains, unlike paint, do not block the evaporation process and provide longevity that simply cannot be matched by paint. So what’s the lifespan of brick stain? How long does brick stain last?

Let’s dive into the differences between painted masonry and stained brick to learn more about why masonry stain is vastly superior to paint.

brick painted walls

How Long Does Prick Painting Last?

Paint coats brick surfaces and requires regular maintenance.
Continued maintenance of painted masonry is an ongoing issue for many homeowners.
Once the brick is painted, most masonry professionals agree that it will most likely have to be repainted in as little as just a few years.
The Brick Industry Association, a trade association devoted specifically to the clay brick industry, reports that painted masonry may only last between three to five years.
When the paint is applied to brick, the paint saturates the masonry’s pores, preventing it from releasing moisture.
Water is trapped behind a non-permeable film that lies on the brick surface – resulting in unsightly blistering and peeling.
Some masonry professionals believe that paint applied to masonry will begin to slowly deteriorate as soon as it adheres to the brick.

brick stained wall

How Long Does Brick Stain Last?

Stain penetrates brick surfaces and is permanent and maintenance-free.
Our exclusive brick stains are absorbed by masonry and allow the surface to continue breathing naturally as if it was unstained.
As brick is a highly porous material, our masonry stains are formulated to create a chemical bond with brick and will never chip or flake due to moisture trapped within the masonry.
While paint can update the appearance of your home, consider the continued and laborious maintenance that comes with it.
Our proprietary brick stains integrate with the face of masonry, resulting in a consistent finish that is permanent, looks entirely natural, and is maintenance-free.
BrickImaging is proud to have earned a coveted endorsement by the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute.
The association stated,
“We at the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute are happy to recommend your staining services to clients with a color matching problem in brick, block, mortar, or concrete. Masonry walls are intended to last a long time and we have faith that your stain will last a long time, too. We have recommended your work many times in the past with excellent results. We will continue to tell people with masonry color matching problems about your service
So, while you consider paint vs. brick stain, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our masonry stains as well as to discuss details about your latest home improvement project.