Frequently Asked Questions

BrickImaging Information

How can you prove your credibility?

BrickImaging has earned the trust of hundreds of clients for more than 40 years. Many of our commercial clientele are repeat clients. But don’t just take our word for it – view our client testimonials. We also have strong and long-lasting relationships with the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute (RMMI) and the Architects Institute of America (AIA).

Who are BrickImaging’s clients?

The majority of BrickImaging’s clientele consists of facility managers/owners, commercial architects, and masons. They are professionals within the industry that are taking advantage of the newest methods for changing the color of existing masonry.

Why do professionals choose BrickImaging?

BrickImaging has built a strong reputation in the Denver market – especially when it comes to how to stain brick. We value the relationships we have with our clients and ensure that they are completely satisfied with our work. Our commitment to quality, efficiency and ethical practices are what our clients receive every time they call on BrickImaging.

Will you travel for small projects?

Smaller projects sometimes require that another project be within a reasonable distance before the trip becomes economically feasible. Please call BrickImaging to see if we already have another project in your area.

Do you work outside of Colorado?

Yes, we travel nationwide for commercial-sized projects.

Can you teach me how to stain brick?

At this time, BrickImaging does not teach any courses on how to stain brick with Stayntech.

How to stain brick


Can I see projects in my area that you have completed?

Yes! Please contact our office for a list of buildings we have completed in your area.


Can I purchase your material and do it myself?

BrickImaging does not retail any of its Stayntech products at this time.

How do I get an estimate?

Please submit your project via our project form or contact us at 303.255.2130

How much does it cost?

Because different clients have different needs we’ve developed a flexible pricing structure that evaluates multiple variables. These include: square footage of the area to be colored, whether the mortar is to be colored, the number of colors on each brick, optional aggregate, applying a top-coat sealant, height of the building, location and more. Please contact us to discuss the details of your project.

Can I purchase your material and do it myself?

Even if you know how to stain brick yourself, BrickImaging does not retail any of its Stayntech products at this time.

Brick stain colors


How does brick staining work?

BrickImaging’s Stayntech masonry staining process utilizes over 40 years of brick staining technology to achieve brick color transformations that look as though the masonry was initially installed that way. Our process lasts for years without any additional required maintenance.

How do I re-color brick?

BrickImaging’s Stayntech masonry staining process provides a clean and natural looking alternative to painting or costly replacement.

Does your product fade or change color?

We take careful precautions when applying and sealing each of our projects to ensure a fade-resistant finish. Over time, the only noticeable color changes will be those resulting from natural environmental conditions to which the structure is subjected, such as dirt or dust on the walls, etc.

What does your product consist of?

Our products are all environmentally safe, acrylic based proprietary blends that have undergone standard materials testing (ASTM) and are warranted for 15 years. Please refer to our product page for ASTM results.

Interior brick stain

The Stayntech® Process

Can the brick color be changed, even after the project has been stained?

Yes- in the event you would like to change the color of your brick again in the future- we can re-stain your brick to change the color again.

Can I see a sample before you do the project?

Yes, BrickImaging can provide a sample for review before staining a project. Loose samples for out-of-state projects as well on on-site samples before project completion are provided.

Do you do any other repair work?

BrickImaging specializes in Stayntech color transformations and does not perform any repairs.

Can Stayntech be applied over painted brick?

Painting masonry fills in the pores of the brick and allows for a much higher risk of chipping and peeling. We do not apply Stayntech to brick or block in this condition.  However, some surfaces can be stripped of the paint and then colored.

*Incorrect methods used for removing paint can cause substantial damage. Please consult with a professional before attempting any type of paint removal from your masonry.

How long does Stayntech brick stain last?

BrickImaging warrants each Stayntech project for a standard 15-year period. However, projects completed more than 30 years ago (real-time results) have maintained their original appearances without the need of any maintenance or touch-up. We have no doubt that Stayntech-treated masonry will outlast the 15-year warranty period.

What brick stain colors can you match?

We can match virtually any color or pattern of brick stain colors. Choose from our popular Color Chart or submit a custom color.

To what types of surfaces can you apply Stayntech?

You can apply Stayntech to any porous masonry material including brick, block, mortar or stone. Exceptions are flat surfaces such as driveways or other high-traffic areas. BrickImaging can not account for the forces placed on these types of surfaces and therefore cannot warrant such work.

Can the brick color be changed, even after the project has been stained with Stayntech brick stain?

Yes – in the event you would like to change the color of your brick again in the future – we can re-stain with the Stayntech brick stain to change the color again.

Can you do interior brick stain, or only exterior?

We can do both exterior and interior brick stain.