Why it’s better to Stain and Color your Brick Using Stayntech™

BrickImaging is the leader in masonry color transformation. Thanks to Stayntech®, we are able to change the color of masonry while maintaining its natural appeal.

While painting brick is the newest DIY sensation, the brick will eventually chip, peel or fade away. Brick painters often times will find that it just doesn’t last for very long. Painting your brick is great for smaller projects like a fireplace but anything beyond that

With Stayntech®, we guarantee that it won’t chip, peel or fade over time. You’ll also rest easy knowing it will be maintenance free for the next several years.

Stayntech™ maintains the natural appearance of your masonry products

When you paint over brick, it blocks the natural air flow which can lead to chipping and cracking. Stayntech® is absorbed by the brick forming a protective layer and allowing it to breathe.

Choose any color or patterns you desire

With Stayntech®. we have a wide range of color choices and patterns to choose from such as Arctic White, Canvas, Egyptian Ruins, Desert Shadow and more! This gives us the flexibility to get the colors exactly the way you want it.

You’ll increase the retail value of your property

No matter what you do, the brick will fade over time. Once that happens, it can change the entire look and feel of your neighborhood, home, or property hurting its value. With our brick staining technology, you’ll add a fresh protective layer that can withstand the elements while raising the value of your property. The exterior of your home will also last much longer.

Eliminate replacement costs

With brick painting, you’ll have to maintain the look over time. The larger the surface area, the more it will cost you to keep up with it. While a fresh coat of paint can change the aura of an entire room, that aura will quickly disappear as the paint bigs to chip and fade.

Enhance the neighborhood around you

This is an often underrated effect of using Stayntech®. We’ve seen entire neighborhoods transform overnight once we’ve completed our brick staining process. A freshly painted building that looks new evokes positive feelings. Think about the “Broken Window Theory” where if one window is broken, it opens the door for more vandalism to occur. An improved exterior can often time creates a new sense of pride among you and other people in your neighborhood.

Bring in more customers and tenants with a renewed look and feel

When you see an old, rundown brick building you immediately make a snap judgment about quality. A newer building can evoke positive feelings among your employees and clients.


Dianne Travis Technical Director, Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute

“We at the Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute are happy to recommend your staining services to clients with a color matching problem in brick, block, mortar, or concrete. Masonry walls are intended to last a long time and we have faith that your stain will last a long time too.

We have recommended your work many times in the past with excellent results. We will continue to tell people with masonry color matching problems about your service.”

Jim Anderson. Q & M Masonry, Ft. Collins CO

“BrickImaging saved us a lot of money. They have done several projects for us in a very professional manner. All of them turned out extremely well and owners were very pleased. I would give BrickImaging the highest compliment of work expertise.”

Ryan Bonner, GH Phipps

BrickImaging made a huge problem with brick not matching go away in a week. It is a very simple solution.”

Deborah Catellier, GSG Architecture

“It was amazing to see the building transform in such a surprisingly quick process. The Owner was concerned for months on what to do with the back of the building now that it had a beautiful addition adjacent to it and painting it wasn’t an option. When they saw the stained brick they were a ‘happy customer’.

They were even more thrilled that it didn’t cost a lot of money and there will be little to no maintenance. We had a comment from citizen asking when did we replace all those individual bricks. When we told them it was a stain, they couldn’t believe it.

Thank you for beautiing the Historic Townsend Hotel and helping it to become the Natrona County Townsend Justice Center.”

Terry Bond, Beck Building Company

“We worked together on the Art Gallery in central Denver, Colorado last year and wanted to express our gratitude with your company. As you may recall, we were renovating a 100 year old brick building into a modern art gallery. The structure of the building was in need of extensive remediation which in turn affected the overall budget. Due to these unexpected costs, our exterior façade budget had been trimmed.

We contacted your company with hopes of an alternative method of dressing up the exterior. To our surprise, the final product was better than what we had envisioned even before our budget was reduced. We requested a custom color which required many samples. Your crew was happy to tweak the colors until our client was satisfied. BrickImaging finished the job on time and in budget.

The building continues to look great and we accomplished exactly what the client wanted, a great looking building with a complete new exterior color scheme. Thank you and your crew for all you did. We greatly appreciate your professionalism.”


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