Whitewashing Brick

Whitewashing brick is the on-trend practice of applying a very thin layer of watered-down paint to brick. The technique typically tones down the natural colors of masonry, and oftentimes extreme variations in appearance, but still allows the natural textures of the brick to come through. It’s a relatively quick solution for many homeowners wanting to … Continued

Pros and Cons of Painting Exterior Brick

Painting the exterior brick of your home is a quick solution for many homeowners wanting a change—but is it the best solution? Painted brick requires continued maintenance after just a few years so it may not be the best option for you. Before heading to the hardware store and adding all kinds of brushes and … Continued

How Long Does Brick Stain Last?

Brick staining is an increasingly popular solution for homeowners wanting to update the look of their homes without sacrificing durability. Masonry stains, unlike paint, do not block the evaporation process and provide longevity that simply cannot be matched by paint. So what’s the lifespan of brick stain? How long does brick stain last? Let’s dive … Continued