Stayntech®: Quality Refinishing of Brick, Block, Mortar, & Stone

New or Existing Masonry Stain & Coloring


BrickImaging specializes in staining and coloring all masonry and brick. We want the utmost for our clients, and feel we should discuss some of the requirements needed for our service to meet – and even exceed – expectations.

The following paragraphs examine the preparation, submittals, materials, services, and equipment required to coincide with the Stayntech® process on above grade, vertical, exposed surfaces of new and existing masonry.

Brick Staining Application Prerequisites

All BrickImaging team members have completed the BrickImaging instruction course for the application of materials involved in the proprietary Stayntech® process.

Our superintendents have a minimum of three years of experience before being qualified to supervise a project.

Mock-up Apply masonry stain per Bricklmaging’s application instructions as directed by Bricklmaging and manufacture to substrate material on the building.

After sample treatment has cured in accordance with Bricklmaging’s recommendations, verify the substrate is coated with sufficient stain material to produce the desired appearance and color.

Obtain architect and/or project owner approval of appearance and color prior to full-scale application. This mock-up will become the standard of quality.

Product Delivery

All brick refinishing material on the job site is sealed in containers and clearly marked with Bricklmaging name.

Storage and Protection

Acrylic-based brick restoration materials must be kept from freezing. Store and handle according to instructions.

Project Conditions

Surface preparation: Surface must be free of foreign matter, which may affect the appearance or performance of Bricklmaging’s product.

Environmental Requirements

Air and substrate temperature must be above 40°F or below 110°F. Do not proceed with the application if the substrate has frozen water present.

Quality Assurance

Bricklmaging manufactures the product specified in the following section.-


All precautions will be taken to protect all properties including appropriate masking, shielding, etc. SCHEDULING Schedule application for the StayntechTM® process directly with office management. WARRANTY: The contractor and applicator shall jointly and severally warrant masonry stain against failure in material and Workmanship for a period of twenty-five (25) years from the date of application. See full warranty for details.


Bricklmaging manufactures products used in conjunction with the StayntechTM® process. Materials are not available for retail.

MATERIALS: Materials have proven real-time results accumulated over the past 30 years. Products have undergone accelerated testing and are available to supplement real-time results.


Verify the following: Surface to be treated is clean, dry and contains no frozen water. ♦Environmental conditions are appropriate for application.


Protect shrubs, metal, wood trim, glass, asphalt and building hardware during application from over-spray. *Do not permit mist (if spraying) or liquid to drift onto surrounding properties or parking lots.

Field Quality Control

After masonry stain has cured (minimum of 2 hours) verify color uniformity. Re-apply to any area that requires additional color change.


At completion, remove from the jobsite, all excess materials, debris, and waste resulting from this work. Dispose of containers according to state, provincial and local governmental regulations.