About BrickImaging

Family-owned and operated BrickImaging, Inc., of metropolitan Denver, has more than 40 years of exclusive masonry & brick staining experience.

The firm was founded by Bob Homolka and quickly became a leading provider of customized coloring solutions for municipalities and commercial and residential clients.

BrickImaging provides the Stayntech® masonry staining service for clients looking to find a solution for discolored or outdated masonry products including brick, block, stone, and mortar.


A commercial contractor in 1976 was facing thousands of dollars in masonry replacement costs when a band of colored brick did not line up correctly on one entire side of a new building.

He contacted Bob Homolka, a very successful owner of a Fort Collins-based painting company, in hopes that he could suggest a solution. Coincidentally, Bob was researching and testing a coloring process at the time that could rectify discolored masonry work.

Bob applied the proprietary brick staining process to the building and was able to correct the discolored block.

The masonry stain not only saved the contractor thousands of dollars, but his reputation as well.

This first project led to a series of other masonry staining projects. Over the years, these projects have helped to define BrickImaging’s Stayntech® process.

Today, BrickImaging’s Stayntech® process has been applied on a diverse range of residential and commercial buildings.

Our clients include: home owners, building owners, facility managers, property managers, architects, general construction managers, military personnel, masonry manufacturers and brick and block companies.

BrickImaging’s projects have included: fireplaces, single-family homes, multi-family housing, apartment buildings, retail plazas, banks, hospitals, courthouses, schools, churches, warehouses, hotels and municipalities among others.



grey interior brick wall restoration


To provide the highest quality, customized masonry-coloring solution for the commercialized markets including facility managers, building owners and architects.

Our staining process is backed by over four decades of experience and a 15-year limited warranty. BrickImaging always seeks to surpass clients’ expectations and develop a genuine and rewarding relationship with each of them.

Through innovation, research and development, we pledge to continue moving the masonry coloring industry forward while also making a difference in the communities where we live and work through philanthropic initiatives.